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    5 Best Crystals for Manifesting New Beginnings for the New Year 2024

    I had a great 2023 as far as business goes, but my fragile health issues, loss of another job, and losing a family member was all part of the year that I will have to unfortunately label as pure HELL. In contrast, my social life, relationships and everything else was pure MAGICK. When life has so many ups and downs, it is hard to keep a positive outlook on the new year ahead, but I will remain positive, as always!

    I hand-picked some awesome items that may help you as they've helped me when manifesting a new beginning: whether it's manifesting a new love or a new phase in a relationship, starting the year off with a calming energy, or to change the vibrational feel to your home or office, or just wanting to start fresh for 2024. Keep reading to see what I have chosen just for you!

    Crystals for a New Beginning

    There are several crystal stones that are perfect for manifesting a new start to something great! 


    Moonstone crystal towers
    Moonstone is best known as the stone that help you with new beginnings as well as helps soothe and calm stress. Check out raw moonstone or polished moonstone towers that are suited for your needs. 


    Carnelian is a stunning reddish and milky white stone that helps bring you motivation so you can stay true to your resolutions for the new year ahead! Place a carnelian crystal tower under your pillow while you sleep or place it near you while at work or school.


    Labradorite is a wonderful stone to meditate with and focus on healing. Start the new year rid of negativity and fears! 
    Healing properties: 
    • Rids unwanted negative energy
    • Protection aid
    • Dispels fears
    • Stimulates creativity
    • Stress reduction

    Check out these polished round labradorite stones or other variations such as jewelry.  

    Rose Quartz

    Rose quartz, the stone of unconditional love also has many more uses when it comes to the love category. This rosy pink stone can help you make room for healthy relationships and clear out past relationship issues so you can move on with your life! This is the most popular stone in my shop--take a look at the different items I offer with this amazing stone

    Tiger's Eye 

    Tiger's eye may fool you because it does look a lot like wood! Named after the golden eyes of a tiger, this stunning stone has some awesome healing properties. This stone can help with protection through fearful instances in life and give you courage. This stone is said to help with making big decisions and encourage positive energy during small or big transitions in life. Shop my array of tiger's eye stone products in my store today!

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