All healing crystals have properties that can help you with everyday life, heal past and present pain, and soothe physical pain. I have referenced The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall for all of the crystals listed on this page. Please note that I have only listed crystals below that are available in the shop. I will add more descriptions as I add more items to my catalog. Enjoy!

    AGATE: Eliminates negative energies, powerful cleansing effect. 

    AMAZONITE: Blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations, protection against electromagnetic pollution. Calming stone that soothes the nerves. Heals and opens heart and throat chakras, opens the third eye. 

    Amethyst Skull AMETHYST: Powerful protection. Natural tranquilizer. Calms and clears the mind, helps you gain focus. Enhances memory. Stimulates third eye when this stone is placed on it. Helps bring intuitive dreams. 

    CALCITEAmplifies and cleanses energy. Cleans negative energy in the room. Opens higher awareness and psychic abilities. Combats laziness, helps boost energy. Balances all chakras!

    CARNELIAN: High energy stone, good for stimulating creativity! Helps with overcoming abuse, trusting yourself, clarifies perception. Protects against envy, rage, resentment, calms anger. Stimulates metabolism. Activates the base chakra. Increases fertility. 

    CELESTITE: Helps with spiritual development, urges towards enlightenment. Useful for clairvoyant communication, dream recall and out of body journeys. Attracts good fortune. Creates a calming effect, sharpens the mind, dispels worries. When placed on the third eye, it opens a connection to the universal energies. Opens and heals throat chakra. 

    FLUORITE: Highly protective stone, shuts off psychic manipulation and undue mental influence. Protects against computer and electromagnetic stress. Draws off negative energies. Intensifies intuitive powers. Reorganizes the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Helps increase concentration and absorb new information. 

    JADE: Green jade helps calm the nervous system and channel passion. Helps to harmonize relationships. Assists with fertility and childbirth. Helps balance the fluids within the body. Associated with the heart chakra, increases love and nurturing. Protective stone helping keep wearer from harm, attracts luck and friendship. 

    LABRADORITE: Also known as Spectrolite. Highly mystical and protective stone. Raises consciousness and connects with universal energies. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura. Stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. Banishes fears and insecurities. Calms the mind. Works best wearing over the higher heart chakra. 


    polished lapis stones
    LAPIS LAZULI: Lapis opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra. Enhances psychic abilities. Stress release and peace. Brings serenity. This is a protective stone that blocks psychic attacks. Harmonizes imbalances that can result in depression. Helps bond relationships in love and friendship, aids in helping you to communicate feelings and emotions. 


    MALACHITE: Powerful stone, best used by placing stone in water and using its essence externally (do not drink!). This stone amplifies both positive and negative energies. Protection stone that absorbs pollutants by picking them up from the atmosphere or body. Guards against radiation, electromagnetic pollution. On the heart, it brings balance, harmony and opens heart to unconditional love. Used for scrying. Influences risk-taking and change. 

    MOONSTONE: Connected to the moon and intuition. Calms the emotions. Helps increase clairvoyance. Balances female/male energies and aids men who want to get in touch with feminine side, aids aggressive females. Affects female reproductive cycle and helps with menstrual-related issues. Excellent for PMS!

    QUARTZ CRYSTAL: (Clear) The most powerful healing and energy amplifier stone. Deep soul cleanser. Enhances psychic abilities. Aids in concentration and unlocks memory. Master healer stone that can be used for any healing. 

    RHODOCHROSITE: This stone represents selfless love and compassion. A wonderful stone for those that feel that they are not loved. This stone is known to help bring us our soulmate. Clears the base chakras and solar plexus. Helps to bring repressed feelings to the surface so you can release them. Helps lift depression.

    ROSE QUARTZ: Stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Heart chakra. Deep inner healing and self-love. Attracts love! Place by the bed to attract love and relationships toward you. Helps restore the trust and harmony in existing relationships. Turns negative energy into loving vibes. 

    RUTILATED QUARTZ: Vibrational healing stone. Promotes spiritual growth. Cleanses and energizes the aura. Draws off negative energy. Protection against psychic attack. Used in past life healing. Soothes dark moods, an antidepressant. Helps release fears. 

    SELENITE: Helps with clarity of mind, opens the crown and higher chakras. Instills deep peace, great for meditation! Placing a large piece of this stone in the center of the home ensures a peaceful atmosphere. Clears confusion. Stabilizes erratic emotions. Do not get wet, it will dissolve! 

    SMOKY QUARTZ: Superb at helping with stress. Neutralizes negative vibrations. Blocks geopathic stress. Teaches you how to leave behind the things that no longer serve you. Lifts depression, brings calmness. Works best on the base chakra, wear as a pendant. Point away to draw off negative energies, point toward to energize yourself. 

    SODALITE: Opens spiritual perception, bringing information from higher mind into the physical level. Stimulates third eye chakra, deepens meditation. Can be placed on computers to block emanations. Useful for bringing harmony to groups. Eliminates mental confusion, encourages rational thought. Can transform and defensive or oversensitive personality. Enhances self-esteem. 

    SUNSTONE: Joyful stone! Heightens intuition. Brings sweetness back into life. Good luck and fortune. Great for meditation and everyday life. Good stone for helping people that can't say "no" and make too many sacrifices for others. Removes co-dependency, encourages independence. Effective for seasonal affective disorder. Beneficial when used in the sun. 

    TIGER'S EYE: Protective stone that was traditionally carried to ward away curses and ill wishing. Aids in collecting scattered information and turn it into coherent information. Helps for resolving conflicts and dilemmas. Helps you recognize your own talents and abilities. Gold Tiger's Eye is excellent to help you during tests and important meetings. 

    TOURMALINE: Balances all chakras! Removes blockages, disperses negative energy, helps you find solutions for specific problems.