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    Top 5 Halloween Decorations from Mystical Rose Gems

    Halloween may be the time of year when some of us haul out a box of decorations from the attic. Then there are some of us who never put those Halloween decorations away, and really don't consider those to be seasonal! The crystal skull on my coffee table is there to stay, and I don't mind dusting off its smooth little noggin once in a while! I've curated a spooky list for those that want to either celebrate Hallow's Eve seasonally or make it a part of their home's aesthetic. Here are the top 5 Halloween Decorations that can be purchased on my website:

    Carved Stone Witch on Broom for Halloween

    Carved Stone Crystal Witches on Brooms

    How much more cuter can you get than mini witches on brooms that are carved out of stone? I saw these on an online crystal auction, and the jade varieties seemed to be the most sold during the live stream. I personally love the Serpentine Jade witch due to the vein detail in the stone, and that shade of green is to scream for! 

    Carved Stone Pumpkins

    Carved Stone Crystal Pumpkins

    If you thought the stone witches were cute, how about these jolly-looking pumpkins? Another popular item that is flying off shelves right now, these hand-carved stone pumpkins are just too precious to pass up. My personal favorites here are the 2-inch Jade Pumpkin and the 2-Inch Red Mohogany Stone Pumpkin

    Mini Carved Stone Coffins

    Mini Stone Carved Crystal Coffins

    Ideally, I'd love to make these stone coffins into jewelry. Can you imagine that Pink Cherry Quartz Coffin as a ring? To die for! I really can't pick a favorite because these all look unique and beautiful in their own spooky little ways. My customers are purchasing the 10 random coffin varieties, which means that you will receive 10 random coffins in your order. 

    Dream Amethyst Crystal Hand-Carved Bat

    This is probably the coolest item in the shop! Imagine this hand-carved amethyst bat hanging around your house! I think I'd name him Fred! This friendly little guy will protect and watch over you at home while perched on your office desk or nightstand. 

     Dream Amethyst Carved Crystal Skull

    Amethyst Crystal Skull

    You can't get any cooler than a hand-carved amethyst crystal skull. This beautiful specimen weighs in at almost 2.5 lbs, and does come at a hefty cost. But, this is an item that you will have for the rest of eternity! Don't forget that you can make payments for this item through ShopPay. This skull is a key item in any Halloween decor, and in my opinion, should never be put away!

    There you have it! This is my must-have list of Halloween decorations from the site. My suggestion is to order as soon as you can, as the shipping takes about 14 business days on average. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween season this year in 2022!

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