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    Top 5 Witchy Products of 2023

    Whew! This year was a doozy. After a hit-n-run highway car crash, my long illness, a death in the family, and my own mother becoming ill, I am surprised I had time to keep this shop up and running. But, here I am, as amazing as I can possibly be, bringing the coolest products I found while at trade shows and vendor scouting. This is the best year I've had so far in the shop, so THANK YOU from the bottom of my witchy little heart! 

    I attended two trade shows this year to look for awesome things for YOU. I got a lot of ideas and there are some really neat things launching in 2024! But for NOW, let's celebrate the TOP ITEMS IN THE SHOP FOR 2023!


    Illusion Dagger Earrings

    This item was a HOT seller this year! I had no idea this was going to be so popular! The silver dagger earring with the black stones with the most popular pick. I think these are so unique and fun to wear! Shop the Illusion Dagger Earrings


    wire wrapped healing crystal necklaces

    These crystal necklaces are definitely a must-have for any witchy person or crystal enthusiast! When I am not wearing my silver-wire wrapped quartz crystal necklace, I have it hanging up near my desk space for protection from evil emails. Hah! Shop these affordable crystal necklaces!


    luna moth pendant necklace on chain

    These cute little moth pendants were an instant hit in the shop! I am absolutely enamored with luna moths and I hope you share the same joy I feel when I see these! Also check out the newly added luna moon moth earrings! Shop luna moth pendants before they fly away!


    Stone Healing Crystal Bead Bracelets

    Are you a crystal bracelet stacker like me? I love these stone bracelets so much for just that purpose! My favorite bracelet picks are the Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, and the Red Agate. These are pretty and simple, but will carry that crystal and stone power with you wherever you wear it! Shop crystal and stone bead bracelets!


    Moon and Snake Earrings

    When it comes to alt jewelry in my shop, moon-themed jewelry won over everything else (except for the dagger earrings at the top of the list). It was all about moon everything in 2023! I honestly don't think they're going out of style any time soon! Get your moon jewelry here!

    Well, that wraps up the year-end review of my best-sellers in the shop this year of 2023! I cannot wait to see what the new year will bring. 

    Joy and health to all of you!

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