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    Unique Holiday Gifts for Your Witchy Friends

    I've written a million unique holiday gifts guide blog posts in my lifetime, but I feel as if this one may be my favorite! As unusual as it may seem, healing crystals are having their moment, with rose quartz crystals and amethyst being among the best-selling crystals in my shop, and daring unique jewelry to elevate your personal style. But, what would your friends and family like this holiday season?

    Let's take a look at some of the popular holiday gifts in my shop along with some cool new healing crystal ideas that will impress your witchy and crystal-obsessed friends this holiday season. Oh! FYI, you need to get those orders in ASAP since we are already into the last week of November. On average, my orders will arrive within 14 business days, but with the busy holiday season ahead, it could certainly take more time for Santa's sleigh to make it to your doorstep. 

    Unique Goth and Alt Jewelry

    What happened this year was a total surprise! My shop originally sold crystals and various minerals, but once I introduced unique jewelry into the shop, my store changed drastically! My best selling items this year are definitely the unique jewelry that I handpicked myself. On this page, you will find jewelry items that any witchy or goth person would love. 

     Healing Crystals 

    Chances are, you have that friend who is always wearing their rose quartz bead bracelet to manifest love into their life, am I right? That friend is going to need to heal and strengthen their other chakras if they really want to accept love and maintain beautiful and meaningful relationships.

    This Tumbled Gemstones Healing Crystal Set is the perfect starter kit to introduce the crystal rookie or the exploring individual that would like to practice the art of Reiki or chakra crystal healing in general. In this 10 piece set (comes with a pink or blue gift box of your choosing) you will receive tumbled Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye, Unakite, Obsidian, Yellow Jade, Sodalite, Green Aventurine. Pair this set with a highly rated Reiki or Chakra healing guide book on Amazon and your gift will be a total hit. 

    Moon Phase and Moon-Themed Gifts 

    One of the most popular themes in my shop are anything MOON! Moon earrings, crescent moon necklaces, you name it! The moon symbolizes many different things in many cultures, but it is mostly recognized as symbolizing intuition, reflection, feminine energy, and emotional cycles. Perfect gift for your gal pals!

    See more moon phase and moon items in the shop!

    Zodiac Sign Jewelry

    You have that one friend that blames everything on her "evil" Gemini friend...and she's a Gemini herself. Oh, the drama! I totally fell in love with these simple and cute zodiac sign bracelets with healing crystals that were curated to help each sign in the areas they, uhhh, need help with. For instance, the Scorpio bracelet contains Hematite to help banish negative thoughts. Just ask any Scorpio what negative thoughts are currently running through their mind. Do you have all day? Trust me, these are a really great gift idea! 

    See more zodiac sign products in the shop!

    Moon Luna Moth Gifts

    When you live the apartment life like I do, the walls need to be adorned with pretty things, like these Butterfly, Moth and Moon wall tapestries. Every room in my place has cool art in it, and it definitely helps to elevate my mood and create a space that is very ME. Check out some of the tarot designs, too! These tapestries make excellent gifts for college students and artsy people like me that like to decorate. 

    See more wall art in the shop!


    Holiday Gifts Under $20

    Those on a tight budget for gifting this year, look no further! I have a lot of unique gift items under $20 that will be perfect for office gift exchanges or gifts for that person you kinda know, but not enough to drop serious cash. Some of the most-searched items in this store are these feather dreamcatchers, moon hair clips, zodiac keychains, and any type of healing crystal pendant

    Happy Holiday Shopping!

    If there is something that you are searching for and you don't see it in my shop, you can easily send me a message by clicking the chat icon on the lower right on this page. If you find an item at a lower price on the web, send me the link and I will see if I can lower the price for you. 

    See my holiday gift guide here to view a curated list of gifts that I handpicked just for you!

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